Well, this is exciting! I was interviewed about vintage cast iron pans by Lesley Stockton, writing for The Sweethome (a New York Times affiliate). The Sweethome published the article on March 15, 2017. You can find it here.

Of particular note, the article quotes me on the great soap vs. no-soap debate. I have a blog post close to finished on the debate, showcasing all of the different views on the issue (similar to my post all of the different views on seasoning). Everyone has their own preferred method, but as far as I am concerned, YES you can use soap to clean your cast iron pan, as long as it is properly seasoned! I also debunked the myth about a cast iron pan needing to sit perfectly flat, and discussed the usability of a cast iron pan with a hairline crack.

Check out the article! It has all sorts of helpful links about cleaning, seasoning, and cooking. The writer also tested several different modern-day cast iron skillets, coming out with a recommendation for the the Lodge cast iron skillet.

Thanks for the shout out, The Sweethome!