Oh my, this post is months late! Forgive me – I’ve been in the throes of preparing my house for sale, selling my house, trying to find a new home, moving 20 years of possessions, and all that. Yikes!

Back in May, Anna, Linda, and I had the great pleasure of attending the 25th Anniversary Griswold & Cast Iron Association’s Convention in Springfield, MO.

We were all thrilled and honored that our dear friend Josh Miller, Editor of Southern Cast Iron and Taste of the South Magazines, joined us. It was his first cast iron convention, too!

Josh Miller was kind enough to bring a pile of the summer 2017 edition of Southern Cast Iron magazine to the convention for folks to pick up. Here he is signing his autograph on one.


Cast iron collector and gentleman farmer Harold Henry at the convention, with his copy of Southern Cast Iron magazine.


Josh hired Sarah Lamb of S. Lamb Photography to take photos at the convention for the magazine – it was Sarah’s first convention as well! Sarah will be offering photos taken at the convention for sale on her website very soon. I’ll post the link just as soon as she gets them up on her site.

Sarah Lamb, of S. Lamb Photography, at work during the G&CICA auction.


Harold Henry stepped in as auctioneer during part of the G&CICA auction.


Cool old Griswold mailbox at G&CICA auction.


We had great fun at the convention. Josh likes to call Linda, Sarah, and I (the crew that also joined him at Marg and Larry O’Neil’s cast iron museum) the “Iron Maidens.”

Josh, Sarah, Linda and I at the 2016 G&CICA Convention in Springfield, MO.


Linda, Sarah, Josh, me, and Miss Maisie the Maltese in Tacoma Washington after visiting the O’Neil Cast Iron Museum. Our article about our visit to the O’Neil Museum was printed in Taste of the South Magazine’s Blog in October 2016, and in the Fall 2016 Edition of Southern Cast Iron Magazine. I also wrote a lengthy photo-laden blog post about the visit which is published on The Pan Handler LLC’s blog page, here.


In addition to socializing with and being educated by many very knowledgeable cast iron collectors and admirers at the convention, Linda and I ran the hospitality room (with able help from G&CICA members Diane Nichols and Karen Pfeifer). We had “get-to-know-you” games with Minnesota-themed prizes. I think it was a smashing success. We all also, of course, picked up a few juicy pieces during room sales, at the swap meet, and at the big annual auction. It was both Josh and Anna’s first cast iron auction!


Josh with his bidding “paddle” (no. 10) and the lovely antique number 9 Sidney Hollow Ware cast iron skillet he won at the G&CICA auction on May 5.


Antique Sidney Hollowware number 9 cast iron skillet that Josh won at the G&CICA auction.


After the auction was over, I wrote a little blog post giving some tips for cast iron auctions. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

If you have an interest in vintage cast iron cookware and haven’t yet joined the Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association, you should. The $25 annual membership fee gives you access to the website forum (gcica.org), and connects you with many experienced and new collectors via annual national and regional conventions. There you have the opportunity to show off and tell about your interesting pieces, see pieces you’ve never seen before and learn about them, meet others with the same esoteric interest as you, and make great new friends. To join, fill out the membership form, here.