Anna (, Linda, and Sarah Lamb (of S.Lamb Photography) are all traveling to Springfield Missouri next week for the 25th annual gathering of members of the Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association. We are also thrilled that the delightful and ever-so-charming Josh Miller, Editor of Taste of the South and Southern Cast Iron Magazines, is joining us at the convention. Sarah is attending to take photographs for Josh and the magazine.

This will be my third G&CICA annual convention. My first was in Fargo, and last year’s was in Maine. The conventions are a great opportunity to engage with other cast iron enthusiasts, to learn from long-time serious collectors, to se pieces you’ve never seen before, to pick up some very special pieces either during room sales or at the auction, and to socialize with others who don’t think that your serious love of vintage cast iron is a bit … eccentric.

You can see a bit about what is planned for the convention at the G&CICA forum, here. There will be “show and tell” (also known as “stump the experts”), a banquet and celebration, room sales, table topics (people presenting info on specific topics), a large cast iron auction, chances for socialization, and a really fun hospitality room (run by me and Linda) with games and prizes! It should be a wonderful and educational time. Folks from around the country and Canada are coming to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the G&CICA.

The G&CICA is one of two national vintage cast iron groups. The other is the Wagner and Griswold Society – also referred to as WaGs. Both groups have their own websites and forums, and much information can be found therein. If you are interested in vintage cast iron cookware, it is well worth the $25 annual fee to join one or both groups!

If you’d like to check out becoming a member of G&CICA or WaGs, click the links. Both groups also have Facebook pages – G&CICA’s is here, and WaGs is here.

You can find out more about the G&CICA convention in Springfield here. In addition to registering, of course, you need to be a G&CICA dues-paying member to attend.

Watch for a lengthy recap of the convention after next week’s¬†festivities!